Important figures in the Esports sector

Important figures in the Esports sector

The sports sector in Spain exists thanks to the contribution of different figures specialized in different professional fields.

Thanks to these figures, the electronic sports industry is growing and improving, gradually increasing its impact on society. However, the sector is still growing and it is everyone’s job to ensure that esports in Spain are on the right track.


The players are the most important piece of the sector. In countries such as China they are recognised as workers with all the rights that such status entails. Players are athletes who train every day to improve and reach the top.

As a general rule, they tend to dedicate themselves exclusively to a particular game and do not have to belong to a club.


Just as in football there are clubs where the players represent values. These clubs can be managed by individuals or under the mantle of large companies such as Movistar Riders or Vodafone Giants.

Clubs have their own equipment for different video games and are supported by a team of professionals ranging from psychologists and physical trainers to marketing experts and coaches who are dedicated to guiding and empowering players.

They are usually financed through sponsorship and the sale of merchandising.


Publishers are the distributors and developers who create video games and have total power over their creations by creating the rules that govern the game.

If you don’t know the difference between video games and sports read this article and you will know what a video game has to have in order to be considered part of the sports sector.

Some of the most important publishers are Riot Games, Epic Games, Capcom, Activision/Blizzard and Valve among others.


Without the sponsors there would not be many clubs and therefore there would not be as many players (or directly there would not be a professionalization in the sector).

From hardware brands to beverage brands to fast food brands, the fact is that the support of sponsors is one of the current engines of the sector as it happens with traditional sports.

Press and specialized media

As in every living sector there is always news and thanks to the press and specialized media we can be aware of all changes.

Nowadays the presence of the esports in the conventional media of news does not have much presence except in punctual cases. That’s why the best information media to find out what’s going on are news blogs such as Movistar eSports, Xataka Esports or The Gamer among others or through specialized youtube and twitch channels.

There are also portals such as U-Beat where you can be informed of what is happening in the sector in a comfortable and effective way if you download the app for your mobile.

I must highlight the great effort and work that Movistar did to create the now extinct Movistar eSports channel (a luxury to have enjoyed the channel) on its Movistar+ television platform.


The casters are the commentators and analysts who tell us about the competitions. Each one has its own personal touch, sometimes eclipsing the players. As a general rule they are also players or have been.

Learning and training centres

We think video games are child’s play, but the truth is that they are complex. One of the places where you can improve and eliminate these complications are the academies and training centers.

Although there aren’t many, the level and quality of these are enough to give a boost to the skills and knowledge of newer players.

But these centers are not only intended for those who want to be players. They also offer workshops or master classes for anyone interested in the sports sector.

It is worth mentioning the existence of masters of their own degree given by some universities as a means of access to the electronic sports sector.

Event organizers

Without a professional circuit, esports could not exist either. That’s why there are companies dedicated to events at all levels.

They don’t have to be just competitions, they can also be fairs, presentations or talks. We can consider as an own figure within the sector to the competitions by its importance in the development of this.


We call an investor any figure outside the sector that is not a brand and expects an economic return on its contribution. This figure is not very abundant due to the lack of knowledge of the potential of the sector even though there have been very striking cases of investors in the sector such as Will Smith.


Politicians, and the politics of a country in general, can make a difference in the prosperity of any industry. A country’s laws should regulate and improve conditions in the sports sector.

Few politicians in the history of Spain have been interested in electronic sports but we hope that this situation will change soon.


Determinant when it comes to marking success. They are the reason why sponsors bet on esports. A large part of the audience are also non-professional players.

In Spain 91% of the audience are men of which 56% are aged between 16 and 25 years according to the III Audience Study in Spain of the ESL together with Movistar.


By means of live videos they are creators of content either with their opinion, with news or with gameplays. Thanks to platforms such as Twitch or YouTube streamers give visibility to the sports to such an extent to mark their success.

Streamers do not have to be professional players, but even so they often have the same or more convening power as professional players.

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